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We offer the best options to the house painters, designers and interior decorators, or professional decorating service providers.

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We are heartily delighted to invite you to be a proud partner of Color Style Studio by fulfilling all your requirements and demands, when the turn comes to enhance the beauty of your wonderful house or residential complex. We perfectly know and value your emotions pertaining to your home, as at Color Style Studio, we understand how important it is for you. Thus our customers prefer no compromise in this sector and certainly deserve to avail yourself the best products when it is the time to decorate or renovate your house.
About XVEL Company:

XVEL Company is software developing and updating company that basically specializes in inventing new innovative softwares and by virtue of this technology, images of high dimension can be processed for the Microsoft Windows platform. XVEL Company was set up as early as the year 2002 by a joined team of experts, who are experienced independent software developers. It aimed at introducing innovative, simple and user-friendly image processing solutions to all the customers and the professionals of this sector and also to all the institutions and organizations in this sector. The have been providing  solutions of cover photo compression as well as manipulation, slicing of an image , choosing various shades of color schemes using photos. All the softwares are provided here are wallet-friendly in nature so that everybody accesses them.
Color Style Studio:

XVEL Software recently launched an exclusive and unique project of Color Style Studio. It is basically, a virtual program of painting and coloring the photographs or pictures of the target projects, being launched especially for the professional painters, interior and exterior home decorators and color designers. It is the most strategic, innovative and unique method of amazing your clients, by assisting them to choose from the various color shades and combination by directly applying it on the photographs of the target houses or rooms.
Choose from the well-known companies, 57,000 shades of colors:

The Software package includes a large database of color shades from the renowned color collections like Behr, PPG, California Paints Millennium, Benjamin Moore, NCS, RAL, Colortrend, Sikkens, Sherwin Willias, ICI Paints and last but not the least, Symphony and others, which constitutes a total of around 115 different color shades and more than 57,000 colors to choose and customize from.

It ensures you to invent various innovative custom color shades to comply with the varying tastes of different customers, to draw them to your shop to buy the unique paints every-time, they think of painting or renovating their houses.

In any unfortunate case, when the clients actually runs short of imagination and inspiration, you can allow the Color Style Studio to show its magic by the trial of generating random compositions of the tints being applied continuously one by one to the targeted objects of the project, which can be either the photographs of their own houses or any sample photographs, until the perfect color shade or the combination has been detected by the clients themselves. Thus, it enables the journey of enhancing the beauty of the houses by renovating it, to be a creative, inspiring and highly exciting and side by side you can also guarantee 100% satisfaction to your customers, for the first time and anytime they visit your shop.
Color Style Studio also allows you to collect your own photo objects, featuring them under variant themes. These are especially for those clients who fail to deliver you any photograph of their home or residential complex. You can demonstrate them these already prepared samples to offer them an instant glimpse, how their house is going to look, and thus collect their feedback instantly.
At times you will find it extremely important to search for the nearest match to an ungraded touch among the standard set of colors. With Color Fashion Studio, it becomes many occasions smoother so that you can perform all these searches for any attainable customized shade utility, and to restore the forgotten tints or matching requirements of your shoppers which will comply with any specific residential and enterprise coloration themes.

Calculating the total expenses of your project is another important work, and at the same time it demands adequate time and effort. With Color Style Studio, you can also calculate the expenses of the paints and the material costs easily without any trouble, with the in-built calculator in the software that is provided to do this calculating task faster and accurately.

Color Style Studio delivers much more clarity to the procedure of matching and selection of perfect interior as well as exterior color schemes to comply with all the requirements. It provides the exclusive opportunity to try and then compare among the various color themes after displaying them on the same photo project simultaneously, one by one. Thus, now your client can choose their own preferred color shades and try the hottest one, making their house perfectly like dreams, and you gain the opportunity to close up huge sales by satisfying the customers.
The Package and the accessibility of the product:

Color Style Studio v2.2 can be run under Windows 98/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista, Windows 7 platforms. The full version of the software costs
$67.95 (USD) to obtain the license for single-user. The registered users of the Color Style Studio are offered to avail themselves a free technical support for the lifetime, a huge database of colors and ready-made photo models, valuable bonus e-books.
Color Style Studio: An overview

Color Style Studio is designed and designated to deliver you the best services of interior and exterior decoration, and hence we have invented this exclusive feature, which makes us stand apart from most of the companies in this sector. We offer you to re-paint your photos of houses, both exterior and interior with Color Style Studio. Thus, you get the unique opportunity to know and judge how it will look, virtually with any shade of color combination. If you are a house decorating service provider, then you need to worry no more. You can simply collect a photograph of your customers house and allow them to select their preferred choices of color shades. Then you can try those color shades in the photographs, and instantly demonstrate them how, their house will look, with those colors. In this way, it obviously gets much more hassle-free and convenient, and simultaneously the customers hardly get any opportunity to complain and are fully satisfied. Thus, your job becomes a hundred times smoother as well as it helps in maximizing your profits. There are times when you are running a shortage of time, to demonstrate these in details to your customers, you may simply pick up the room or the houses from the wide variety of collection of the already existing interior and exterior photographs of the Color Style Studio, and show it to the customers, as a quick demonstration. This unparalled software can be used to deliver a selection of color shades on a big-size as well as clearly examined photos.
The reasons to order full version of Color Style Studio right now:

You can start making money with unique color matching service today!

You get full collection of 57 000 colors and over 250 ready uploaded photos (house exterior and interiors).

You get 7 special decorators books ($205 retail price) for FREE.

You get free lifetime first-order technical support.

You get a fully-functional clean copy of the program thatís your forever.
Plus you get free updates and special prices for major product upgrades.

And you get a 120-day absolutely unconditional money-back guarantee.

By registering you'll keep benefiting from Color Style Studio because new hot features are coming soon
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By displaying any photograph or picture on the PC monitor, one can enhance it, and make it alive manifold by virtue of the built-in color management system of the software, that allows you the liberty to calibrate your Pc monitorís color palette with the actual color shades of the real world. This automatic system enables you to fix your focus on the selection of color shades or combination, rather than on the management of colors.
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Our 120-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Your purchase is risk-free. Give the Color Style Studio a try for 120 days. The fact is we know this software works and if you donít think itís worth it, for any reason, just let us know within 30 days and weíll refund your purchase 100%. We canít be any fairer than that.
Moreover, there is a huge set of already existing photo objects being provided, which can be very handy and useful to demonstrate the chosen color shades to the hurrying customers in just few minutes. Color Style Studio makes it manifold smoother for you to detect any possible custom color shades, and even compare it by the re-painting; the various color compositions on the same target object, simultaneously. Thus, it enables you to launch your own collection of photographic houses, color shades, or continue the trial of random compositions of tints that can be applied to it smoothly, one by one, until achieve the state choose the perfect color shade to satisfy your customer. Thus, with color studio, your job becomes half-done, and your journey towards earning huge profit and good-will an interesting and exciting one.
Color Style Studio
57 000 colors and 250 + ready uploaded photos to get you started
SAVE 65% by ordering right now!

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Normally $199.95 | Discount 65% | Today's experimental sale price $67.95!!
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